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Independent carpet inspections covering the Cheshire, North Wales, Wirral and South Lancashire areas. On-site carpet testing and fault identification.
The Woolsafe Organisation
Phillip Hamilton Carpet Consultant in Cheshire
Rest assured that your carpet inspection is backed by the assurance of the WOOLSAFE organisation, a worldwide body which has been established since 1991.
Carpet inspections by Woolsafe registered carpet inspector throughout the UK
We care about carpets
Woolsafe accreditation programme WOOLSAFE is a worldwide accreditation programme for carpet and upholstery maintenance products suitable for wool and other fibres and for professional upholstery and carpet cleaning companies.

The WOOLSAFE Organisation

'WoolSafe' is a certification programme for carpet maintenance products and was established in 1991 under the name CAMPES - the Carpet Maintenance Products Evaluation Scheme - by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS), now called the Woolmark Company, in close collaboration with Cleaning Research International (CRi).

Extensive laboratory trials were carried out to standardize a comprehensive range of test methods, and to document the performance criteria for accepting - or rejecting - carpet maintenance products as being suitable for cleaning and protecting wool carpets.

The criteria and test methods chosen were based largely on internationally used standards and tests. The WoolSafe Organisation is also a valuable source of advice on how to look after your carpets and rugs and is supported in Europe by the Wool Marketing Board.

WoolSafe Registered Inspectors

I am a Woolsafe registered carpet inspector Have extensive experience in investigating causes for complaint based on their involvement with carpets and rugs over many years. To qualify as a WoolSafe carpet inspector it is necessary to have at least 5 years practical experience in the carpet and flooring industry and an examination must be taken.

Woolsafe registered carpet inspectors investigate carpet complaints on-site on behalf of suppliers, fitters, cleaners or owners, arrange tests where required, and provide comprehensive reports.

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Woolsafe registered carpet inspector